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Tootega Sit-on-top Kayaks

Pulse 85 –£359

The Pulse 85 has been designed from the ground up to excel in the surf! t’s lively and manoeuvrable making it the perfect kayak for exploring little coves and lazy backwaters.

Length:   259cm / 8.5ft
Width:   72cm / 28.5”
Weight:   15.5kg / 34lbs
Max load:  90kg / 195lb

Pulse 95 –£379

Surf in the morning, explore the local river at lunch, sneak out for a fish in the afternoon. The Versatile Pulse is capable of all this and more.

Length: 288cm / 9.5ft
Width: 75cm / 29.5”
Weight: 19kg / 41lbs
Max load: 125kg / 275lb

Sector 110 – £499

A compact, manoeuvrable, and stable touring kayak. It’s versatile design gives exceptional performance on rivers, lakes, and the ocean.

Length:   330cm / 11.0ft
Width:   75cm / 29.5”
Weight:   24kg / 52lbs
Max load:  140kg / 308lb


Kenetic 100 – £499

Sporty, nimble, and versatile. The kinetic 100 is a true all-rounder that loves everything you throw at it!

Perfectly bridging the gap between touring and beach play, the Kinetic gives you the freedom to explore the water however you want.

Our new hybrid 'c' hull form blends the best attributes of our dynamic and exciting Pulse models with the graceful glide, increased paddling efficiency, and versatile storage options found in our flagship Prophecy touring range.

The Kinetic 100 has been designed to work in harmony with our innovative new skeg system, which is fully adjustable, allowing you to find that perfect balance between manoeuvrability or straight line tracking for you and the water you are paddling on.

With huge amounts of storage for a kayak of it’s size, and complete with our new low-profile anchor points for backrests and thigh-straps, the Kinetic is that elusive 10ft kayak, that can tour, play in the surf, work as an inland/near shore fishing platform, and yet still remain lightweight and stable.

length: 310cm / 10.0ft
width: 74cm / 29"
weight: 22kg / 48lb
max load: 140kg / 310lb
hull: Hybrid concave

Pulse 120 – £529

Lightweight, stable, manoeuvrable – who says family fun has to be hard work

Taking it’s base DNA from the highly successful Pulse 85 & 95, the Pulse 120 tandem has been tweaked to give it a graceful and well balanced tandem form.

With two full size seats both with integrated 6” waterproof hatches, sports bottle holders, a large carry area at the rear, paddle keepers, built in anchor points, the Pulse can be accessorised to fit your paddling needs. The space between the seats can even be used as a third smaller seat!

length: 373cm / 12ft
width: 75cm / 29.5”
weight: 26kg / 59lbs
max load: 185kg / 408lb
hull: planing ‘C’


Sector 135 –£529

A graceful touring kayak with effortless glide through the water. Ideal for multi day touring trips, coastal exploration, and larger paddlers.

Length:   410cm / 13.5ft
Width:   73cm / 28.75”
Weight:   28kg / 61lbs
Max load:  173kg / 380lb

Prophecy 110 - £599

The perfect blend of performance, stability, and comfort - all in a compact and manoeuvrable package.

Length: 330cm / 11.0ft

Width: 75cm / 29.5”

Weight: 24kg / 52lbs

Max load: 140kg / 22 stone

Prophecy 135 - £649

The flagship touring model in the Tootega range. Exceptional storage capacity, and integrated comfort features ensure the Prophecy 135 is perfect choice for multi day touring trips, coastal exploration, and larger paddlers.

Length: 410cm / 13.5ft

Width: 73cm / 28.75”

Weight: 28kg / 61lbs

Max load: 173kg / 27 stone

For more details on the above kayaks, and to see others in the Tootega range, including the Huntsman models, please visit www.tootega.com.